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Mrs. Griggs has the experience, patience and knowledge about individuals with ID or DD. She has worked in the special education field for 38 years and is capable of adapting to meet other’s needs. She has the ability to provide positive reinforcement for behavior problems. Mrs. Griggs’s has A Master’s Degree of Arts in Severely and Profoundly handicapped, a Bachelor’s Degree in Special; Education and Post Graduate Professional license in Intellectual and Specific Learning disabilities.

Mrs. Griggs enjoys going out into the community and travel : bible school during the week, loves to travel for 2-3 days at a time to different locations by car , bus or train, she has brother and cousins that live in North and South Carolina, her family has yearly family reunions, she likes to shop, go to the movies, go bowling, she goes to the bounce house with granddaughter, goes to community parks, local museums and attractions, go out to eat, entertain family, go to yard sales, she likes to be out and about She would like  an individual that has a passport  or willing to get a passport to cruise out of the country. 

Ms. Griggs has a five year old granddaughter comes by the home on a daily basis as she takes her granddaughter to and from school every day.




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Mrs Griggs